Designs that Work

My design philosophy is that an eye-grabbing image is key to getting customers to click on your ad.  An interesting design will stop your customers from scrolling, better yet scroll back up.  That’s what I specialize in, creating awesome images that catch your customers’ attention.  That’s not enough though.  All customers belong to different demographics.  Understanding these differences is key and that’s what I am here for.  I can help you identify your target demographic and create designs that will best appeal to them.  Your customer won’t be able to resist your promotions.




About Me

I am a creative director and graphic designer in Frederick, Maryland.  I offer creative solutions to help your company drive conversions.  I specialize in designing emails that send your customers directly to your website.  Today e-commerce is more important than ever.  I am here to ensure that your business will succeed with designs that are proven to increase sales.  Each design is lovingly crafted to grab your customers’ attention.  I employ many different techniques from illustration to photo collage; my goal is to find the design that best speaks to your demographic.  If you are looking for a creative director or graphic designer in Frederick, Baltimore, Washington D.C., or for remote work then I am the guy for you.

More About Me