10+ Years in Marketing and design

After graduating college, I got my start in freelance design.  I worked with Eastern State Penitentiary to design a series of children’s t-shirts.  I would spend the next 5 years working in freelance poster design.  I designed posters for bands, including Say Anything.  I also worked consistently with the Maryland Ensemble Theater in Frederick to design many posters for their productions.

For the last several years, I switched to working in marketing for one of the top-sellers on eBay.  As the creative director at the company, I learned to diversify my set of tools.  I would continue to make designs but I also learned many other valuable skillsets such as: copywriting, photography, search engine optimization, social media management, building a buyer persona, Facebook/Google ad management, etc.



The University of the Arts

In the heart of Philadelphia, I graduated from The University of the Arts in 2012 from one of the best illustration programs in the country.  The University of the Arts Illustration program puts a heavy emphasis on teaching their students the principals of graphic design and marketing.  These tools allow their graduates to succeed in the design world.  Here I learned how to build a concept from start to finish, how to work with clients, how to identify a target market, and how to market myself.  These are valuable lessons that every designer needs. 

More about Me

Frederick Local

I moved to Frederick, Maryland seven years ago and absolutely fell in love the scene.  I currently reside in downtown Frederick with my wife and two cats.  I also collect old movies and video games.  When I’m not hunting at Goodwill, you can find us at our local brewery for trivia night.